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An Infertile Mess. What not to do when you can’t conceive.

The New York Post…. which I have affectionately dubbed “The People’s Paper” published an article on February 2, 2013 , titled, “Mommy wannabe cries assault after pregnancy romp with bro-in-law: suit

Only in New York will you find two cheating spouses try to wiggle their way out of an expensive divorce with a more elaborate and ridiculous story than this.   A Manhattan lawyer,Ted McCullough, claims that he only had sex his sister-in-law, Adrienne Mesko, because her own husband couldn’t get her pregnant. Now that these two louses have been caught, it’s a “CYA” dogfight like no other. McCullough’s wife filed for divorce and Mesko falsely accused him of sexual assault.  As if the whole sordid mess wasn’t preposterous enough (I mean really, who sleeps with their sister’s husband?), Ted McCullough, the randy attorney in question, filed a law suit against his sister-in-law in Manhattan Supreme Court last week seeking $7 million in damages and accusing Mesko of defamation, malicious prosecution and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  It’s of no surprise that these two folks already having dueling orders of protection Dutchess County Family Court.  

So while I’m sure the faithful  spouses/victims of these two idiots would rather put this behind whole embarrassing affair them one way or another, instead the whole sordid affair, right down to the nitty gritty detail is now laid to bare in court papers accessible to the public; “she pulled her naked legs up in a crab-like position to increase the chances of conception.   McCullough claims the accusations by his sister-in-law  nearly ruined his marriage, causing his wife, Deirdre Chiaramonte, a Manhattan veterinarian, to file for divorce.  Of course his own behavior have nothing to do with it!

Mesko claims in the article that she and her sister are still on speaking terms.  Frankly, if she were my sister, I’d want to kick her. 

 McCullough, who was formerly a Marine, describes his Manhattan law firm, McCullough, Ginsberg, Montano & Partners in court papers as a “highly successful” national practice in commercial, contract and environmental litigation.

Ms. Chiaramonte, if you need a divorce lawyer, I’d be happy to represent you.

Only in New York kids….. only in New York.

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