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Every couple is at risk of divorce, except maybe this one.

Despite  being a divorce lawyer, I still believe in fairy tale weddings and everlasting love  (with a prenup of course!).  Nonetheless, it is a rare couple whom I can say with absolute certainty has a negligible chance of ever being divorced and I would say don’t bother with a prenup.    This  Valentine’s Day brings us that rare couple: Ramona Rizzo  an Joseph Sclafani.  The “Mob Wives” diva  Ramona Rizzo is engaged to  Joseph “Joe Boy” Sclafani — a reputed Gambino family soldier currently residing at the Metropolitan Detention Center located in Brooklyn.   Apparently they have known each other since they were kids. The New York Post reported last year that Sclafani was charged with coordinating a cocaine-trafficking scheme. He also faced earlier charges of running a syndicate that sold Staten Island  grown marijauna.  

Romantic Rizzo’s fiance faces more than a decade in prison, but she’s planning a 500-guest June wedding.   This may be the first couple in history to have no fights about the wedding preparation ….. because she’s not expecting the groom to be present!  According to the New York Post, the union will bring together Rizzo, a Bonanno family descendant, with an alleged Gambino man.  Now that’s a power couple!   I thought Id never say this about any couple…. but the chances of this couple divorcing are zero…. as long as the families stay out of it. 

The New York Post reported Rizzo as stating, “Maybe the key to a happy marriage is not having a husband in your face all the time.”  I couldn’t agree more. 

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Kim Kardashian Divorce Update

Although only married for a mere 72 day (less than three months!), Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries remain married more than a year after she filed for divorce.  What is going on you ask?  Will Kim Kardashian marry Kanye West after their baby is born?

The reality show diva is still  trying to divorce Kris Humphries, who’s apparently milking this divorce for as much money and publicity as he can.  After all, who will be googling his name after he’s no longer attached to Kardashian? How is this possible you ask? First, it takes two hands to clap and it appears that estranged husband Kris Humpries has no urgency to move on with his life… at least in the legal sense.  Nevermind that Kardashian is pregnant with Kanye West’s child.  According to reports from news outlets, Humphries wants an annulment, rather than a  divorce, which means Kardashian would have to admit, or Humphries would have to prove, the marriage was a “fraud,” which of course Kardashian denies.  Kardashian has now filed a motion seeking to calendar an immediate trial date.  Humphries claimed he was heartbroken over the end of the marriage, which in my opinion was nothing more than a long (albeit fabulous) date. He has accused her of using him to earn millions off their unhappy union. Stay tuned…. hell hath fury like a woman scorned, … or in this case Kris Humphries.

As for Kardashian finally marrying Kanye West, one would hope that these two would think long and hard before rushing to the alter and at a minimum have a private wedding and an iron clad prenuptial agreement.

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